Soapstone & Travertine

Soapstone is a versatile and elegant natural stone prized for its distinctive matte finish and soft, smooth texture. Quarried from various regions worldwide, soapstone has been used for centuries in a wide range of applications, from countertops and sinks to sculptures and hearthstones. Its remarkable heat retention properties make it a preferred choice for fireplace surrounds and wood-burning stoves, while its resistance to stains and acids makes it an excellent material for kitchen surfaces.

Travertine, a sedimentary rock formed by the precipitation of minerals in mineral-rich waters, is celebrated for its classic and timeless appeal. Its distinctive porous surface, filled with natural voids and cavities, gives it a textured and rustic appearance that exudes warmth and character. Travertine is frequently employed in architectural and interior design projects, from stunning flooring and wall cladding to elegant sculptures and intricate mosaics. Often associated with Mediterranean aesthetics, travertine’s earthy hues and graceful veining patterns evoke a sense of history and sophistication. Its durability and ability to withstand the test of time make it a favored choice for both residential and commercial spaces seeking a touch of natural beauty.

Classic Travertine

Durango Travertine

Grey Soapstone

Green Soapstone Leather Honed

Ivory Cream

Navona Travertine Honed & Filled

Silver Travertine

Soapstone Grey Honed

Travertine Cream Vein Cut

Travertine Noce

Travertine Silver Vein Cut

White Soapstone Honed

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