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Discover the elegance of Lackstone Marble and Granite, where natural beauty meets exceptional quality.

Lackstone Marble

Lackstone, a renowned supplier of natural stones, operates across the US, India, UAE, Nigeria, Qatar, and the UK. With three decades of industry expertise, Lackstone offers an extensive inventory curated by our dedicated slab inspectors at every quarry. We excel in sourcing various natural stone types, and our knowledgeable team is committed to providing friendly and professional assistance throughout your journey.

At Lackstone, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional quality and service, ensuring that your natural stone requirements are met with precision and satisfaction.

Discover Our Exquisite Array of Stones

At Lackstone, we take pride in curating a mesmerizing selection of our stones that truly embodies the beauty of the Earth's natural wonders.


Unleashing Timeless Beauty and Unparalleled Elegance.


Where Nature's Strength Meets Striking Sophistication.


Embracing Nature's Whisper with Sublime Sophistication.

Lackstone Marble: Where Timeless Beauty Takes Center Stage

Our commitment to quality is evident in every piece of marble we offer. Each slab is meticulously selected, showcasing the unique veining, intricate patterns, and captivating colors that make marble a true work of art. From the classic allure of Carrara to the majestic beauty of Statuario, our marble collection showcases the finest examples of nature’s masterpiece.

Featured Stones

Discover the extraordinary allure of our hand-picked featured stones at Lackstone Marble. Each stone in this curated collection showcases unique characteristics and exquisite aesthetics, offering a captivating selection that will elevate your design to new heights.


What Clients Are Saying

"Sales executive Mr. 'Sakil' showed me variety of quartz, so friendly staff and very reasonable and low price compared to other suppliers within Austin I searched for. Best price, best quality of stone. Super recommended!"


"We had a wonderful experience doing business with Sakil at Lackstone. He was fast to respond, knowledgeable, professional and super helpful in our quartz selection. We highly recommend this place!!"

Mariane Pham

"Not only does Lackstone have beautiful slabs of marble, granite, quartz and quartzite, the owner and all the workers are very trustworthy and go beyond their duties to help their customers with projects. They can recommend reputable installers. If you need countertops give them a call! I' d be happy to answer any questions about this business."


"Great selection of Granite slabs and Sakhil's professionalism and customer service is awesome, after selling couple of slabs - with our measurement issues - without any pain on the face they were able to exchange the slabs. Thank you team at Lackstone Marble and Granites."

Vinay Pandya

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